• CHOOSE THE BASIC. Pick from the styles below.   
  • CHOOSE A SIZE AND COLOR. Enter your desired Pantone TPX color code, or choose from the forecast color palette (color palette coming soon).
  • CHOOSE A DYE TYPE. Different dye types create different effects on your product. You can choose the best one for the effect you want through our garment dye process.
Reactive Dye is the most common dye used for cotton. In this process, the dye directly bonds with the fabric, resulting in rich and vibrant colors. These colors will not fade even after multiple washes. 
Pigment Dye is best for achieving a vintage look and feel. The process results in softer, faded colors that look more worn-in after every wash. If you choose this dye your only choice of wash will be stone wash since this dye its meant to be for solid colors only, so no acid washes are available for this process of dying.
  • CHOOSE A WASH. Softener and enzyme is the standard wash for all our blanks. Check out available specialty wash options that add a unique look and feel to your garment. Acid washes are not available for pigment dyes
SPECIALTY WASHES for reactive Dyes only
You may request a specialty wash if you want something different from a solid color. Shirts that go through a specialty wash are one of a kind, and are sometimes hand dyed and washed individually. This is a premium feature since no shirt will look exactly like the other.
    • CHOOSE AN ADD-ON. Get the full package and add screen printing, embroidery, neck label sewing, and/or folding and packing to your order. THIS FEATURE IS COMING SOON
    • Lead time is two weeks

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