How to order Wholesale Sixelar Blanks

Have you created an account already? It takes only a few seconds we made this annoying first part easy and you will get INSTANT access to breakdown pricing by quantities under each style right after you make an account.

You’ll have access to our discounts that range from 66% (for a dozen) to 80% (for 40 units) depending on quantity. 

  • The process is simple - you can create an account on our website then login and start shopping. Ignore this if you already created an account. Just login and start adding your items to the cart (make sure you are logged otherwise you won't be able to see the breakdown prices under each style.)

         Here is the link to create an account:

  • Right after you login click on the link BLANKS then choose your style. Each product has a breakdown of pricing by quantity.
  • You’ll have access to our discounts that range from 66% to 80% depending on quantity. 

          Under any breakdown You can mix styles, colors and sizes. 

At the first tier, which has a minimum of 12 pieces, you get a 66% discount. You can mix and match any style, color and size in your dozen to get the discount. For example, let’s say you want our hoodie and the vintage tees; you can add those items in any size and color and the discount will be applied automatically when you add a total of 12 units to the cart. 


  • 12  units      66%      OFF The Original price
  • 24  units      70%      "
  • 48  units      74%      "
  • 96  units      76%      "
  • 150 units     78%      "
  • 300 units    80%.      "