Verification of first-time orders over $300 and large orders of over $5000

Why am I being asked to verify my identity before my order can be shipped?

It is our store policy to verify a new customer's identity when they place an initial order that is over $300 in value.

This is because, although we use fraud prevention software to protect our store, some fraudulent orders unfortunately slip through the cracks.

We may also ask for identity verification when a customer places a larger order (over $5000 in value), even if it's not the customer's first order with us. 

It is our responsibility to you, our customer, to ask for identity verification before shipping larger orders, especially when you haven't purchased with us before. This protects our customers from unlawful use of their credit cards and decreases the possibility of chargebacks from the bank.

Please follow these steps to verify the credit card holder's identity and clear your order for fulfillment:
1) Take a clear picture of the credit card holder's United-States-Issued ID card with full name and address visible. 
2) Black out any sensitive information such as ID/ license number.
3) Email pic to
Please provide the required information as soon it is asked for, since we cannot start processing your order until we have this information.  

If we don’t hear from you, or if you are unable to provide the required information, we will make the decision to either cancel your order, or we will hold your order for at least 21 days before shipping (in case a chargeback is issued by the card-holder's bank). If no chargeback is issued, we can then send your order to you. Please note that we reserve the right to make any and all decisions regarding cancelling or holding an order and our store policies still apply regarding order cancellations by the customer.