SIXELAR- the Real Westside Story

SIXELAR- the Real Westside Story

August 30, 2019

Like the powerful So-Cal sunshine bringing growth, and destruction—. Los Angeles is an epicenter of intense duality. Success and failure. City and sand. Dreams and paralyzing reality. But what makes LA unique, are its possibilities.
Angelenos are some of the most determined people on the planet. Able bodied, hard working individuals every color of the earth. Resolute cynics—as dreamy as they are sharp. Their future? Limitless. They’re aesthetic?  An impeccable cool. 
There’s a uniform to the true Angeleno. Cool shades, clean kicks, denim, dope jacket—and always a fresh T-shirt. Angeleno style is the embodiment of the Westside philosophy. Casual grunge-chic mixed with the afte-shock of a Hollywood premiere.
But like its people—a common thread exists. From execution to aesthetic—it’s the Westside story. The ever persevering truth that in LA—everything is what you make it. Welcome to Sixelar—we are the Westside story. 

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