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In fashion, there is a consistent need for a premium, classic tee with a relevant silhouette; yet it is almost impossible to find.

As a brand owner SIXELAR Beverly Hills, I have spent years searching for this very item without success. The ones that do exist leave much to be desired—narrow necks and silhouettes, standard shapes, poor quality and uncomfortable fits—all too basic for a luxury brand.  Now you don't need to struggle to find the right blank since we have already gone through the process for you. 

Our classic tee is inspired by the boxy shape from the 80s; with shorter length, drop shoulders, wider cut and bold silhouette. Pair this with distressed detailing and softening vintage washes and you have what we consider the perfect tee. We’ve put in the hard work so you don’t have to; dealing with the manufacturing, shrinkage and wash tests to conveniently deliver this niche, high end, classic street style tee directly to you. 

These premium blanks are made of 100% combed soft cotton that has gone through a specialized washing and aging process. They are available in the classic and best selling colors black, vintage charcoal, and white. 

As a brand owner I understand the importance of the price and speed of manufacturing, but also the need for quality. Now you can have it all in this unique, cool, classic blank tee.

Alexis Rosario - Creative director at SIXELAR Beverly Hills a division of Ocean Pacific California LLC.

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