Shipping Policy

Please note that being the holiday season, processing times may be longer. Please feel free to email us at with any questions and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


We ship our Sixelar Blanks worldwide. Shipping charges are automatically calculated based on the size and weight of your order.

The shipping speed shown at checkout is an automatic estimate provided by the shipping carrier (UPS, USPS etc.).

Important: Shipping speed estimates do not include our processing times.

Shipping speed estimates are automatic estimates provided directly by the shipping carriers (not us), and they do not take into account our processing times, or whether the items purchased are in stock or on backorder. This includes expedited shipping methods (see below).

After item availability and customer payment (and identification if applicable) have been verified, your order is usually processed within 48 hours after receipt. Sixelar operates Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm in Los Angeles, California, excluding all federal, local, and state holidays. This means that if your order is placed Friday through Sunday, your order will normally be processed by the end of the day on the following Tuesday (or the next business day following a holiday).

If your order is large, or if your items are out of stock/ on backorder, processing times may be considerably longer. Please note that during sales periods, processing of your order may see delays due to processing volume.

Please email or live chat with us on our website if you have specific shipping speed questions.


You will see the shipping options available to your destination at checkout and shipping speed estimates provided by the carriers. You can usually select expedited shipping, such as priority, one-day or two-day shipping if shipping domestically. Please note that the shipping speed estimates are automatic estimates provided directly by the shipping carriers (not us), and they do not take into account our processing times, or whether the items purchased are in stock.
Expedited shipping options will always have higher fees, but these fees go directly to the shipping carrier, not to us i.e. you are not paying Sixelar for faster processing times, you are only paying the carrier for faster shipping once they receive the order from us.
The shipping options available are through common mail carriers (USPS, UPS etc.) and we have no control over delays in their shipping times after we have shipped the items.


We do ship to most international countries - if at checkout it says we cannot ship to your country, please email us so that we can help. Please know your country's customs and duties fees and laws BEFORE you order. We cannot be held responsible for extra shipping fees, unexpected customs duties or fees related to your order if you are ordering from overseas.


We highly recommend that you send orders to yourself first rather than having them directly sent to your printer or embellisher.
Sixelar is not liable to contribute to any embellising or printing costs or pay for reprinting under any circumstances. Customers are responsible for the inspection of goods within 3 days of receiving their order and before any embellising or printing occurs.
If orders are sent directly to your printer and the printer claims there are blanks missing from your order, we will not be able to give you the benefit of the doubt in regards to replacing missing blanks. This is because, unfortunately it is a highly common practice for print shops to take blanks from orders received as samples for their print shop.
Blanks that have been printed, washed, dyed, relabelled or decorated are not returnable under any circumstances.