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To keep your account active, you must make a purchase within 30 days of your account creation. If a purchase is not made within 30 days, we may delete your account. In order to reactivate your account we may require extra information from you such as verification of your brand and website.

Here at Sixelar, members of our team are like family and we consider our loyal clients to be a part of that extended family. If a customer is rude, aggressive, threatening, or in any way disrespectful to ANY of our Sixelar Family, we will immediately cancel your account with us. Being an account holder with Sixelar is a privilege. It is not a right. 


Offers are only valid from the start time to the end time listed in the promotion details. Discounts are applied at checkout either through use of a discount code, or our automatic discounts for Sixelar blanks. Discount codes are limited to one use per customer and only apply to purchases of 12+ blanks, unless otherwise specified. Discounts cannot be combined with any other discount and are not redeemable for cash. All offers are limited to stock on hand. Discounts are NOT valid on prior purchases, gift cards, gift certificates, taxes or shipping and processing charges. Discounts cannot be applied retroactively. Consumer must pay applicable sales tax. Offer is not transferable. Offers are only valid at Offers are not valid at our retail partners. Sixelar reserves the right to extend, modify, eliminate, or reduce any promotion at any time


Most of our Sixelar Branded collection is machine-washable on a gentle cycle (please check your item's care label for details). However, we do recommend only dry cleaning your purchased pieces in order to prolong wear. We recommend cleaning your item prior to use if it's a dark color, as the dye may transfer. 

When it comes to our blanks collection, we always recommend using a professional "finishing" service before reselling the blanks for your own brand. After silk-screen printing your graphic on the blank, a professional finishing service will professionally wash and flatten the tee ready for your next photo shoot or to be displayed in your store or sent to your customers. Finishing a tee in this way after silk-screen printing will enhance your graphic and remove unwanted residue and pigments from the dying process. Please keep in mind that our blanks come straight from the dye-house, they are a "raw product", so they should always be washed prior to their first wear. 


Our sizing is best seen from our pictures on each product page - you can see in each description how tall the model is and the size they are wearing for a good visual reference. We include a sizing chart on most of our product pages just for your reference. However, due to the nature of how cotton products shrink differently after our specialized washing processes, these measurements may not be accurate for every batch. Any deviation in actual sizing from our sizing charts is NOT grounds to demand a refund on your order. If you have very specific sizing questions, please email us or reach out to us on the live chat for the most current and accurate information. We also always recommend buying a full size run for the styles you're interested in using for your own brand, so that you can see how our sizes are graded. Some of our customers like to size up or size down, depending on personal preference. 

*We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone*