Our Story

Sixelar isn't your typical boring blanks company. They're a totally rad lifestyle brand based in Beverly Hills, California lead by Alexis Rosario, Creative Director and Co-Owner. Sixelar gets inspiration from everything Cali, especially LA. Sixelar is all about the vintage vibes, taking inspo from 80s and New Wave music. Their unique and high-quality clothing is carried in super cool high-end streetwear department stores in Japan, like Barneys Japan, and also high-end boutiques like Politix in the Beverly Center.

Sixelar's origin story is epic - they started out struggling to find blanks that fit their vision and were top-notch quality. All the available blanks were whack, made cheaply overseas with bad cotton and polyester threads, outdated narrow and long fits, and shoddy stitching. But Sixelar knew they weren't alone in the struggle, and wanted to change the game by providing access to awesome blanks for up-and-coming designers starting out their journey.

So what makes Sixelar's blanks stand out from the crowd? They don't just supply blanks, they create them with a brand's perspective. They stay on top of trends and always bring the heat with the freshest new styles. They aren't just about pumping out as many blanks as possible at the lowest cost - they're dedicated to producing the best blanks on the market, even if it means cutting their own profits.

Sixelar's blanks are crafted with care in LA, from developing the styles and patterns to weaving the cotton, cutting the pieces, sewing the pieces, and garment or pigment dying the blanks. They use organic cotton grown in the USA, and their signature wider neck rib and tees use way more cotton than average blanks. Plus, their blanks are preshrunk, so no nasty surprises after a wash like with cheap blanks.

Not only are Sixelar's blanks top-notch, but their printing services are also off the hook. They use the same printers they use for their own brand - the absolute best printers in all of LA. They even correct and enhance artwork for you and supervise the entire process from start to finish. If it's good enough for Barneys, it's good enough for you.

All in all, Sixelar is a super sick brand that offers the best quality blanks and printing services around. If you're looking for the most high-quality blanks and printing services, Sixelar is the way to go.