Size MattersūüĒ•. Why Is Better To Buy A Full Size Range Blank Tee

Size MattersūüĒ•. Why Is Better To Buy A Full Size Range Blank Tee

I have been asked many times if I give away free samples. 


The truth is that one sample will only tell you about that specific shirt - if it’s a Medium or Large size, the fit and feel, the weight of the fabric, and the quality characteristics. 


However, if you are serious about developing a clothing line, in order to gather more information I always recommed getting the whole spectrum of sizes from S to XXL in order to make better decisions about grading and fit from one size to another. 


Having the whole size spectrum will give you better intel and allow you to make better size grading decisions. In that way you might decide to use the Medium as a Small if you want to go for the oversized look. Sizing down could result in a good strategy for a loose fit and boxier shape. Many lines have their oversized shirts coming in 4 sizes,  S (Medium sized down), M (Large sized down), L (XL sized down), and XL (XXL sized down). 


One of the best parts of how we sell our blanks at Sixelar is that you can mix and match any style, color and size across a dozen blanks and get a whopping 66% discount. The truth is, our profit margins are higher if our customers purchase only one or two tees, but we wanted to share this secret with you. 


Below is an example of a break-down we would recommend in order to maximize your first order of a dozen tees. This particular order would give you as many styles, sizes and colors in order to get a better feel of our tees so that you can start planning your own line.


Vintage Black: S 1, M 1, L 1, XL 1

Vintage Charcoal: S 1, M 1, L 1, XL 1

Vintage White: S 1, M 1, L 1, XL 1


This totals 12 items which not only qualifies  you for a 66% discount, but gives you what you need in order to make an informed decision about your own line. 


White, Charcoal and Black are the best-sold colors not only for us but for all clothing lines. Whatever the season or trends, you are always most likely to sell those neutral colors more than any other color.


I hope these tips have helped and we look forward to helping you in your journey as a Brand Owner!

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