100% Organic USA cotton. Made in LA.

The Era of graphic tees - High End T-shirt Blanks for Streetwear Brands made in Los Angeles

The Era of graphic tees¬†ūüĆī


It has never been a better time for Graphic tees. As you well know, as a brand owner yourself, profits for clothing companies rely on mainly T-shirts. Many brands have realized these higher margins, smaller investments and great returns are a perfect recipe for success. 


If you know what you are doing and have a sense of what’s relevant in today's market, then your chances to make it into the industry are higher than ever. 


I am saying this because it's not only about having great graphics or great a cut. 


It's about being relevant. 


Graphic tees and silhouettes are connected to a certain trend. Finding the right silhouette is challenging since most blanks have a much more conventional shape - we and many others prefer our boxy style. 


Choosing the right fit is so important. The perfect tee depends on its lines, shape, and form. If you decide to do your own cut-and-sew, you will be facing new challenges like shrinkage tests, paying for patterns, and sewing expenses. This part of the development of your brand is tedious and expensive, especially if you are just starting out.

    Therefore, I am here to supply you with the best T-shirt blank out there. This premium classic tee is a product that came out of the necessity of building our own brand, SIXELAR. Now we want to share part of our success with you and have decided to make our blanks available to other brands that also are in the search of the same silhouette, quality, feel, and look.


Alexis. R.

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