The T- Shirt blank for luxury brands

The T- Shirt blank for luxury brands

In fashion, there is a consistent need for a premium, classic tee with a relevant silhouette; yet it is almost impossible to find. As a brand owner, I have spent years searching for this very item without success. The ones that do exist leave much to be desired—narrow necks and silhouettes, standard shapes, uncomfortable fits—all too basic for a luxury brand.  Now you need look no further, as we have developed this classic high-end blank tee, ready to house your desired brand or image.

Our classic tee is inspired by the boxy shapes of the 80s; with shorter length, drop shoulders, wider cut and a bold silhouette. Pair this with distressed detailing and softening vintage washes, and you have what we consider the perfect tee. We’ve put in the hard work so you don’t have to; dealing with the manufacturing, shrinkage and wash tests to conveniently deliver this niche, high end, classic street style tee directly to you. 

These premium blanks are made of a 20 single combed soft cotton that has gone through a specialized washing and aging process. They are available in the classic and best selling colors black, vintage charcoal, and white. Additionally, we offer full packages that include the blank washed and dyed with your preferred TPX Pantone color and printed with your design. Our experts can even talk you through both traditional and cutting edge printing techniques in order to deliver a truly unique product for your brand. 


As a brand owner I understand the importance of the price and speed of manufacturing, but also the need for quality. Now you can have it all with this unique, cool, classic blank tee.

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I really like your product and their samples.


Thanks for sharing the details about the t-shirt blank for luxury street wear brands the unfulfilled gap is now take care. I am also selling the best t-shirts in bulk at wholesale price. To know more about the details about t-shirts, visit our website today:


My name is Willy Hasselberg, I am a part of the Swedish producer duo Pelago. We are signed to Sony Music and have reached approximately 12m streams on Spotify solely these past two years. We are now starting up a clothing project that will be pushed by a music project in the same name, which we believe will be strong from a marketing standpoint and are thereby looking for a supplier that would like to work with us. The clothing project that we are planning to launch in the fall has all designs ready for the first collection and is going to be focused on high street fashion. The main focus is to deliver premium products that are detailed and unique in all aspects, and that is inspired by Swedish design. The partner that we are looking for is someone that would like to work with us over a long term and that can provide us with the details that we are looking for in our design and quality. The specifics that we are looking for in our clothing are: custom inside labels, custom materials, custom cutting patterns, cut and sew production, size grading, outside brandings, fold, poly bags, physical samples, shipping, etc. We are moreover looking for different types of printings in order to for example achieve that different parts of the prints and the brandings have different textures and some parts being colourful and some not, etc. What printing possibilities do you guys have, do you have the ability to produce the details stated, but most importantly; would you be interested in working with us?
Please let me know and we will take it from there!
Sincerely,Willy Hasselberg

Willy Hasselberg

Can I please have a quote for 50pcs
Of charcoal washed blank


Do you sell BLANK Tshirt?



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