Do you offer faster shipping?

You will see the shipping options available to your destination at checkout and shipping speed estimates provided by the carriers. You can usually select expedited shipping, such as priority, one-day or two-day shipping if shipping domestically. Please note that the shipping speed estimates are automatic estimates provided directly by the shipping carriers (not us), and they do not take into account our processing times, or whether the items purchased are in stock.  

Expedited shipping options will always have higher fees, but these fees go directly to the shipping carrier, not to us i.e. you are not paying Sixelar for faster processing times, you are only paying the carrier for faster shipping once they receive the order from us. 

The shipping options available are through common mail carriers (USPS, UPS etc.) and we have no control over delays in their shipping times after we have shipped the items.

Please email or live chat with us on our website if you have specific shipping speed questions.