How are your blanks sized?

Our sizing is best judged by our pictures on each product page - you can see in each description how tall the model is and the size they are wearing for a good visual reference. We include a sizing chart on most of our product pages just for your reference. However, due to the nature of how cotton products shrink differently after our specialized washing processes, these measurements may not be completely accurate for every batch. If you have very specific sizing questions, please email us or reach out to us on the live chat for the most current and accurate information. We also always recommend buying a full size run for the styles you're interested in using, for your own brand, so that you can see how our sizes are graded - that is, how much the product grows per size. Size grading differs depending on the product - for instance, our hoodies have very subtle size grading, and our tees have a more pronounced grading. Some of our customers like to size up or size down, depending on personal preference.