What does it mean for a product to be on "backorder"?

When a certain style or size is on BACKORDER, the term “BACKORDER” will be visible on the product page above the size menu and/ or the lead time on the product page will specify an ETA. Also, if you are ordering more quantities than what is available (inventory quantities are listed above each size option), then your items will be ordered on backorder. 

When a product is on backorder, this means that the product is in the process of production and not ready to be shipped. Once we receive the product, we begin shipping out orders as quickly as possible based on the date you placed the order. This means, that once we receive the product, we may not be able to fulfil your order on that same day, since we will have a long list of "backorders" to fulfill. When possible, we will provide an ETA of the backordered product on the product page. However, an ETA is only an estimate so please take this into account when ordering a backordered product.

We recommend not ordering a backordered product if you have tight deadlines. Remember that any deadlines are solely the customer’s responsibility. We are a retail store, we are not a manufacturer, and we hold no responsibility whatsoever for a customer’s missed deadlines. If you have to receive a product by a certain deadline, please email us first before ordering a backordered product. Our no cancellation & no refunds policy still applies to backordered products.