What is the lead time on Sixelar Blanks

Our processing time for in-stock items is normally 48 hours or less for most smaller orders, although we do not guarantee this when we are especially busy. If your order is larger (over ~200 pieces), the lead time may be longer.

If the quantities you've purchased are on backorder, the lead time will be significantly increased. Please see our FAQ on backorders here.

Please note that other providers of blanks only sell volume orders "per carton", meaning that they have cartons of tees ready to ship, but you must place your order in multiples of their carton quantities. However, we like to offer our customers the opportunity to only purchase what they require, rather than having to purchase quantities "per carton". This means that each and every order is quality checked and boxed specifically for the customer, which takes time, especially with larger orders.  

We do not give any guarantees as to fulfillment time for our Sixelar® Blanks so please contact us before placing your order if it is an urgent order.