What rules should I follow when customizing Sixelar® blanks for my own Brand?

Sixelar Use Policy:

Sixelar® mandates that any customer purchasing Blanks from our store for the purpose of customization under their own brand strictly adhere to the following policies:

1. Brand Integrity & Representation

- Maintaining Brand Essence: At Sixelar, each product isn't just an item; it's a reflection of our commitment, innovation, and dedication. We believe in preserving the core values and essence our brand. As such, any embellishments or customizations should resonate with and uplift the brand's ethos.

- Avoiding Negative Perceptions: It's crucial that any logos, symbols, or designs added to our products do not negatively affect the brand's reputation or perception. We strictly discourage the use of content that might be considered inappropriate, provocative, or suggestive of illegal activities. Furthermore, our products should never be used as a medium to promote messages that might be harmful, offensive, or divisive.

- Upholding Social and Ethical Standards: Sixelar prides itself on being a socially conscious brand, attentive to the ever-evolving societal landscape.We expect that our products won't be used to promote or associate with messages that might run counter to these values. This includes avoiding associations with themes that might be discriminatory, offensive, or alienating.

- Unauthorized Brand Collaborations: The unapproved incorporation of logos, emblems, or designs from Trademarked or professional organizations, institutions, or other recognizable entities is strictly prohibited unless prior permissions from both the concerned entity and Sixelar are secured.

- Protection of Proprietary Content: Images and photos from our website, social media, or any other source associated with Sixelar are our exclusive intellectual property. Unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution of these images without our express written permission is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to take necessary legal actions against any infringements.

- Engaging with Sixelar: If there are ever any uncertainties regarding the representation or customization of our products, or the use of our proprietary content, we strongly encourage a direct conversation with our representatives. We're here to provide clarity and ensure that our collective actions enhance Sixelar's brand integrity.

2. Sales Policy:
- Sixelar offers its Brand and Label products exclusively to vetted customers. We reserve the right to determine this authorization based on our judgment. We expect our authorized customers to:
(a) uphold the integrity of our Brand or Label products, ensuring no harm or misrepresentation to them or their reputation.
(b) avoid any claims or implications of endorsements, affiliations, or collaborations without our prior written agreement.
(c) maintain ethical business practices, refraining from misleading advertising or sales tactics.

If an individual or brand does not abide by our policies, we reserve the right to limit or refuse access to our website and products.