What's the return policy for the Sixelar Curated Collection?

We've designed our return policy with our customers at the forefront. By permitting returns for store credit on up to 20 pieces of the same product, we're offering a risk-free way to sample items, negating the need for international returns for the customer. Larger orders are considered final sale. 

1. Risk-Free Smaller Orders:

- For any single product within our Curated Collection, returns for store credit are granted solely for up to 20 pieces per international vendor. If you've procured multiple units of the same item, only up to 20 of those units qualify for a return for store credit, affording you a risk-free dmaller order.

2. Convenient Returns for Sample Orders:
- For these designated returns (up to 3 pieces of the same product), you're able to return them directly to us, eliminating the hassle of shipping back to China. This ensures a streamlined shopping experience on your end.
- Please note: The customer will bear any return shipping costs.

3. Store Credit for Sample Orders:
- Refunds for these specific items will exclusively take the form of store credit. We don't offer direct exchanges. 

4. Product-Specific Policies:
- Return policies may differ slightly between products in our Curated Collection. It's crucial to thoroughly review all information on the product page before making your purchase to ensure clarity on the return conditions for each item.

5. Return Request Timeline:

To initiate a return, customers must submit a written request to info@sixelarclothing.com within 3 days of the item's delivery. No exceptions. 

6. Larger Order Returns:

Return requests involving more than 3 pieces are generally considered final sale. Any requests made will fall under the purview of the original vendor in China. While we commit to advocating on your behalf, we cannot ensure the success of such negotiations.

7. Shipping Cost Insights:

A significant part of our expenses, nearly 50%, goes towards the original shipping from China to the US. While we've endeavored to minimize shipping fees for you, these costs play a pivotal role in our return policies.
If these initial shipping costs are irretrievable due to a return, we might levy a fee of up to 50% on the customer to compensate for these expenses.

Our aim is to uphold the highest standards of quality and service in our Curated Collection. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with our tailored return policy, which ensures we can consistently cater to your needs and expectations.