Why do you not give refunds for Sixelar Blanks?

We only accept returns for store credit and do not offer refunds for our Sixelar Blanks collection. Our strict policies are in place for several reasons. Firstly, we provide significant discounts on our blanks, which means our profit margin is very small. Issuing refunds regularly would require us to raise prices globally to cover costs. To keep our prices of our already expensive blanks as low as possible, we have implemented a no-refund policy for our blanks collection.

In certain situations outlined in our returns policy, we may charge restocking fees. These may apply to larger returns (over 60 items) or returns outside of the specified return window. These fees help us maintain the affordability of our blanks.

We always strive to work with you to resolve any order issues you may encounter. Feel free to reach out to our customer support team at info@sixelarclothing.com. We appreciate your understanding and respect for our return policies, which enable us to continue offering the best products.

Thank you for your support.

👉🏿 Additionally, if you are a start-up with no seller's permit, no business license, no LLC, and you've never ordered wholesale, please note that we require adherence to our policies. If we allow you to test our products without showing those licenses, there's more reason for you to follow our guidelines. Otherwise, we reserve the right to decide whether to do business with you. We permit small orders with the expectation of larger ones in the future, so familiarize yourself with the concept of wholesale or bulk orders before engaging. Our terms align with industry standards.