Why do you not give refunds for Sixelar Blanks?

We only accept returns for store credit and we don't offer refunds on our Sixelar Blanks collection. We are strict regarding our policies for several reasons. Firstly, we sell our blanks at huge discounts, meaning that our profit margin is very small on these items. If we routinely issued refunds, we would have to globally raise the price of our products in order to cover our costs. In order to make it possible keep the prices as low as possible for you, our customer, we decided upon a no refund policy for our blanks collections. We also may charge restocking fees in some situations, according to our returns policy. Such instances include, if a return was large (over 60 items), or if a return is sent out of our return window. Again, we have to charge such fees in order to price our blanks at a great price for you. Moreover, we are quite frequently releasing new products and putting older items on clearance - if an order is sent far outside of the return window, it is possible that you may be returning an item which is now on clearance, or an item that we no longer even sell on our website. In this instance, we may refuse your return, or your return may be subject to a restocking fee of up to 50%. 

On another note, we always want to work with you, our customer, to sort out and solve any issues you may have with your order, whenever possible. Therefore, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team at info@sixelarclothing.com. Thank you for your understanding and respect for our return policies, which make it possible for us to provide you the products you love.