Why print with Sixelar®?

We take care of these so you don't have to:
  • Cleaning up, correcting and modifying your artwork for optimal printing

              ALL images for screen printing need to be “color separated”. This is a process whereby a highly talented graphic artist with many years of experience in screen printing will separate each layer of color in your image in the best way possible to produce the most beautiful print possible. Remember that with screen printing, each color is printed individually through a mesh screen – each screen adds another dimension to your finished image. Most print shops do not have in-house color separation experts but will still charge you a hefty fee for this step in the process. Color separation done badly will inevitably result in a bad quality image!

The print-readiness of your artwork is of the utmost importance whether you choose screen printing or DTG!

Our highly experienced artists will check your artwork, and if needed, we’ll work on your artwork to make it print-ready. Custom printing websites DO NOT have a human checking your artwork for print-readiness! Do you really want to risk accidentally printing the white background in your image (yes, this happens a lot)! 

Examples of corrections and modifications made for our customers include: removing backgrounds, increasing clarity and resolution, adding to fine details (such as adding individual hairs to a picture of a customer’s dog to increase the realism of the print), correcting the placement of the artwork to improve proportions and to enhance the natural drape of the tee (only an absolute expert can do this). Remember, we always send a virtual preview of your garment before printing!

  • Sending the print shop your color separation and tech packs

In order for a print shop to print your designs, they need to be sent several files in specific formats which contain instructions on how to print your artwork, including descriptions on screen and color sequence, ink types to use, pressure, placement etc. These are time consuming to put together, and would usually be an extra cost for you! 

  • Dealing with the back-and-forth 

Print shop operatives are experts at the manual process of printing. However, they ARE NOT artists! Let our highly experienced artists deal directly with the print shop – we know the lingo to communicate exactly what is required from the print shop to give you an amazing finished product. We’ve also built rapport over many years, so our print shops are willing to go above and beyond to meet our needs. Anyway, who has the time or patience to talk back and forth perfecting the print (we do!) Not only this - we take on the cost of printing strike-offs (test shirts) until the best possible result is achieved! If you were working directly with a print shop and you didn’t like the first tee printed, you would waste your own tees re-printing strike-offs until you were satisfied. We have an excellent relationship with our print shops here in Los Angeles, and they will produce as many strike-offs as it takes to give you the best result – at no extra cost to you.

  • Delivering your garments to the print shop and shipping directly to you

Why waste time and money delivering or shipping your items to and from the print shop, when we can do this for you at no extra cost!